Upcoming September Supperclub

Now that the first supperclub is out of the way, I can’t wait for my second! I have been ruminating over the menu and have decided to focus on a style of cuisine that I admire fantastically – ever since having been in Mexico a few years back. My menu is inspired by traditional Mayan and Aztec flavours of Mesoamerica. “Inspired” being the operative word as, although I adore the flavours and dishes I was lucky enough to taste in Mexico (mole, atole, pozole), I can’t help playing around with ideas. In fact its no fun if I can’t. Anyway, please see below for details and let me know if you can make it.




Hosted by Home from Home

September Theme: A Mesoamerican Journey through Mexico

It’s being kept intimate with just 10 spaces available and a maximum allocation of three tickets per person! There is a suggested donation £30 and BYO (I’m more than happy as always, to give suggestions for those that care about what wine to pair up the food with).

Proposed September menu is as follows:


Cerviche of salmon with pink peppercorn and vanilla

– or –

Cerviche of seasonal vegetables prepared in a ginger-citrus marinade (veg)


Slow cooked stuffed lamb with rich and spicy mole

– or –

Stuffed baby squash with a black bean chocolate mole (veg)

each served with quinoa salsa, tamarind guacamole and a coriander-courgette fritter


Prickly pear ice-cream served with a tequila snap basket and a cinnamon rice pudding mousse (veg)

An aperitif, extra courses and coffee will be served on the night, so please let me know about any dietary issues or allergies.


Venue is in Clapham on Sunday 1 September from 7pm to 10.30pm (dessert should be served around 9.45pm). Diners are seated around a large table so you should be comfortable, happy even, to chat and meet new people.

If you are interested then do contact me on yohini.nandakumar@gmail.com to ask any questions or book places. There is a £10 deposit on reserving a place to contribute to the cost of ingredients although to the extent that you either give me 3 days’ notice or can’t make it but I find a replacement for the full cost, the deposit is refunded.

Very best, and I hope I see you soon


Home from Home




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