Wednesday already? Week 2.

So that expanding waistline that I was anticipating? Well it began today. I made a summer veg tart with a shortcrust pastry and double cream quiche filling. To accompany, I made in class a no-holds-barred full fat mayo coleslaw with a mix of meditaranian vegetables, drizzled with olive oil and toasted nuts.

Ashburton Week 2 Wed 005 Ashburton Week 2 Wed 008

And dessert (because one must always have a two course lunch) was a chocolate brownie with custard. Teardrop custard that is – which basically means a wobbly line of chocolate shaped into a teardrop (or in my case, a pear) into which a thin layer of custard is poured. Now if you ask me, anything that comes with custard should be served with a jug of the custard on the side which should be so good you want to see people necking it from the jug. But anyway, I like the idea of the chocolate teardrop although its execution proved problematic and the portion of custard a bit scrimpy for my liking.

Ashburton Week 2 Wed 017Ashburton Week 2 Wed 016

I didn’t take too many photos today because I was concerned about inducing photographic fatigue upon my (imagined) audience and because I left my camera in the locker room this morning but I did want to show you my cream of onion soup which just involved blitzing and sieving some slow cooked sautéed onions and stock and a dash of cream but was actually surprising tasty. Although having said that, I find that most proper soups – made from fresh ingredients taste pretty damn good.

Ashburton Week 2 Wed 019

Anyway today we had a mock assessment of our soup, and in the name of consistency I though I would share the feedback. So…the taste was good but apparently it needed a tad more salt, the portion was too small (last time we had an assessment I was told the portion was too big…) and the chives garnishing the soup were bruised (yes, this is true, I need to sharpen my knife). The salt thing is a tough one. You see, I really thought I had enough salt in my soup. In fact I was a bit concerned that I’d put too much in and so its difficult to know what to do if somebody (your tutor especially) would prefer even more salt in the dish. I think, given that our tutor was generally happy with my dish, I’d leave the salt content as it is.  I do think its dangerous veering away from your own tastebuds and second guessing somebody else’s because then you have no benchmark – everything becomes guesswork. I like my tastebuds and I do trust them, so there. And provided that the assessor generally approves of the dishes I make, I hope that come assessment day, he would cut me some slack regarding marginal variations in salt? We had a really enthusiastic course tutor this week though and its a shame it was his last day with us but tomorrow we shall have a new tutor with whom I can continue to conduct my salt experimentations…

Anyway enough chat, I’ve just got back from a boozy dinner with my coursemates and its really about time for bed.

Ashburton Week 2 Wed 027

Night night.

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday already? Week 2.

  1. Duane brown

    Hi yohini
    Just wanted to say what an excellent and Indepth review off the first two weeks (almost) at ash burton cookery school you put it so well and being a fellow student and knowing all about what we have cooked i find this a fascinating read another perspective on what we do and lean there and you put it so well :) so keep up the blogging and I look forward to your many updates and great photos you really know how to get the best shot out of a baguette :)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Duane, thanks and glad you made it to the blog! Yes it is rather in-depth isn’t it… in fact I might already be flagging. I thought about posting about today but I ate the treacle tart before I could take a photo of it and similarly the caramelised onion soup and goujons scarpered into my tummy before the photo opp … But I do have some pics of today’s spelt bread that I reckon could rival the baguette photos – so watch this space!

  2. Jim

    Hi Yohini,

    Love your blog. I’m so glad you are doing this as I haven’t taken any pictures or record of my time at Ashburton, so far. Hope you don’t mind if I hijack this as my official record of hard work, fun times and new friends.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.


    1. admin Post author

      I’m so pleased you like it – especially as you sorted my computer out when it was broken and nurtured it to a state where it only intermittently breaks down so that I can post in the interim.


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