Thursday 13 November to Saturday 15 November

The Happy Coconut is a Malaysian pop-up restaurant scheduled for one weekend only!
If you’ve been to the Home from Home supperclubs then you’ll be aware that this is a long anticipated (for me) pop-up cooking a selection of Malaysian dishes close to my heart.

All our dishes are wheat-free and nearly all are gluten free, because we’ve stayed true to the traditional ingredients of Malaysian. We’ve kept the menu limited to ensure that the food is good but let us know what you think on Twitter: @Cooksmiths:

Proposed Menu
Thursday 13 November to Saturday 15 November

the Dipping course
Small plates to dip and share between friends, or to keep all for yourself
– Rice paper parcels of Asian greens with a warm coconut lime dip £5
– A selection of soy marinated chicken served with fresh satay sauce £5.60

the Laksa course
Malaysia’s world famous coconut noodle soup loved by millions, and made in our signature style
– Classic laksa with roast chicken, prawns and cockles, served with a side of our house chilli sambal £11
– Aromatic laksa with ginger, aubergine and green bean, served with a side of our house chilli sambal £9.50

the Happy course
A perfect balance of sweetness and richness as only the Malaysians know how
– Coconut cheesecake with poached caramel peanuts £5
– Hot Chocolate-Milo pudding with condensed milk ice-cream £5 (contains barley)
Stovetop masala chai – £2
Mulled ginger beer – £2
Tamarind and sugarcane rum punch – £5
Beer and wine, chosen to match the flavours will also be available on the night
Menu and prices are indicative, minor adjustments may be needed on the night.

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