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The lovely thing about being on Devon is the countryside. Now I don’t want to harp on too much about this because I do actually get a bit cross when I feel like I’m being condescended as a “town-person” by “country folk”. Yes I have seen a cow before (even if I get stupidly excited still when I see one) and no I don’t drive (night bus and tube are good enough). However I can’t deny that the past few sunny days in Devon have been perfect to go out exploring on my bike and I have come across some wild plants growing by the roadside. Now I don’t know if its very townie to get excited by this, but I am. Hence the blog post and the photos.

Ashburton Days 2-5 028

Ashburton Days 2-5 031

Ashburton Days 2-5 047

Ashburton Days 2-5 091

Ashburton Days 2-5 092

I also used the thyme leaves and purple flowers I found today to flavour the courgette and tomato filling in the omelette I made for dinner today. Yes that’s right, the second omelette I’ve had today. One I made for lunch which was improperly brown but delicious and the extra one I made for dinner which I made a concerted effort not to brown (although if it looks unusually yellow – that’ll be the two extra egg yolks I used because I had some left over…).

Ashburton Days 2-5 112

My omelette with the courgettes and the concassed tomatoes and the chopped thyme flowers (if you look carefully).

Ashburton Days 2-5 115 Ashburton Days 2-5 116

Do you see – no colour! I’ll be a chef yet…

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