Final September Supperclub Menu


                               JOURNEY THROUGH MESOAMERICA                          

1 September 2013


Lime Sangria Aperitif and a Cashew Nut and Squash Muffin

Chickpea Soup and Coriander Doughnuts

Cerviche of Seasonal Vegetables – or – Cerviche of Vanilla Salmon

Chard Tamales served with Cashew Butter and Ginger Pumpkin

Lamb stuffed with a Spicy Chicken Mousse – or – Courgette and Soft Cheese Fritters

served with creamed sweetcorn, sweet potato and bread fruit dauphinoise, avocado fries, guacamole and chocolate mole

                                    October Supperclub Italian Taster: Melon and Rosemary Sorbet

Prickly Pear Ice-cream, Soursop Ice-cream, Cinnamon Rice Pudding on Dark Caramel, a Medley of Fresh and Roast Pineapple and a Tequila Snap

Café de Olla, Lime and Coffee  Water-based Ganache , Tequila and Salt Chocolate Fudge and Guava Paste and Cream-Cheese Chocolate


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