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Supperclub launch this July!

It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s nearly here!  I’m finally launching my South London monthly supperclub night this July!

Home from Home is the name of a new monthly supperclub which focuses on a different theme every month. The focus is on the experience and everything that makes up a great evening out so that means good food (whether you’re vegetarian or not) comprised of interesting dishes which should be, where possible, seasonal and local. It’s also all about providing this food in a friendly environment and embracing the “home” aspect of a supperclub. The key difference between eating out at a restaurant and eating with me is that the vibe should be comfortable and friendly. People can mix and meet different people around London, and have a chance to chat over  wine (BYO) with new acquaintances.

This is something that I have been working on for a long time, and I am incredibly excited about it.  At the risk of hype, I think it’s going to be quite good (I certainly won’t let it be otherwise in respect of the menu although there’s a little diner participation involved regarding the conversation :-)).

If you are into dining experiences in a social environment, then Home from Home will, I hope, become a second home (albeit once a month).  If you haven’t done anything like this before, then now’s your chance – it really is a brilliant way to spend an evening, different from the usual activities with friends.


The donation of £20 requested for the first night launch is exceptional (and limited) so I hope to see you there.

All the best



Hosted by Home from Home

July Theme: A Feast of English Summer

It’s the supperclub’s first ever event so we’re keeping it intimate with just 10 spaces available and a maximum allocation of three tickets per person! There is a suggested donation £20 and BYO (I’m more than happy to give suggestions for those that care about what wine to pair up the food with).
Venue is in Clapham on Sunday 21July from 7pm to 10pm (dessert should be served around 9.15pm). Diners are seated around a large table so you should be comfortable, happy even, to chat and meet new people.

Preliminary Menu – A Feast of English Summer


Pea and wild garlic soup served with home baked garlic bread (veg)


Twice cooked pork belly served with lentils and a onion & apple puree or Roasted beetroot and thyme infused lentils topped with a herb crusted goats cheese round (veg)


English meringue with summer berries and a praline cream (veg)

If you are interested then do contact me on
yohini.nandakumar@gmail.com to ask any questions or book places. There is a £10 deposit on reserving a place to contribute to the cost of ingredients although to the extent that you either give me 3 days’ notice or can’t make it but I find a replacement, the deposit is refunded.

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